Testimonials from previous CHL students.

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I consider it a privelege to recommend Matt Betros to anyone or any organization, who cares more about common sense survivability, realistic professional training, and a personal “one on one” Concealed Weapons Course, rather than a Hollywood-Rambo shooters awards show, and a certificate showing that they didn’t shoot their foot off.
After 30 years of operating with the US Army Special Forces and conducting numerous missions in small underdeveloped countries, I’ve had to train and assess indigenous militias, guerilla fighters, and the occassional barefoot and uneducated villager in order to conduct often high risk covert operations.
Small Unit Tactics and Weapons Training are the keys to Survivability, these are Matt’s keys to Mission Success.
Matt Betros not only teaches “Real” Tactics and Techniques that the world’s leading Special Operations Forces utilize, but he also teaches the “Real” consequences of being accountable for every bullet that leaves your weapon.
Matt’s Training in attaining a Concealed Hand Gun License should be the new national standard and is a Special Tool in my Close Quarters Survival Kit.
As a 20 year Special Operations Weapons Instructor, I am proud to say that Matt’s CHL course is by far, the most Professional, Efficient and Resopnsible weapons cource of its kind, that I have ever seen, or had the Privelege and Honor to participate in.

Mark JM Boyer
International Recon & RecoveryDirector of Operations

Taking a CHL course, is a choice for every individual. Taking this class with Matt Betros, instructor at Aaron's Gun Shop is the BEST choice. Matt not only delivers a great understanding about the subject, but is very passionate about your rights and the rights bestowed upon Americans concerning the right to bear arms. The class attendance may be in double digits but he takes personal interest in every single person taking the CHL course. He is very knowledge and is very thorough in education of the course but also with individual's choice of firearm. At the conclusion of the training, one not only leaves earning their CHL certificate but has a renewed faith and trust in our freedom.

Susan Reinders,
Milam County Homeland Security/Emergency Managment Coordinator

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